What is a test?

Testing is a common method for evaluating an individual’s various characteristics. Some tests measure specific knowledge, abilities or skills, while others measure broader individual differences such as personality traits, logical problem-solving ability and values. Even though we tend to call them tests, it’s more of an assessment. Forget about the test we all experienced in school. Our tests provide an opportunity to learn more about an individual’s unique characteristics, rather than something that is right or wrong.

evali offers a personality assessment and a logical reasoning assessment. The personality assessment measures a person’s characteristics and preferred behavioural patterns. The logical assessment measures an individual’s ability to handle complex situations.

Why are tests used?

Testing is primarily used to identify an individual’s strengths as well as areas in need of development. Therefore, it’s commonly used in recruitment, coaching and onboarding. Tests increase the objectivity and fairness of the process, they also provide more accurate results and are more effective than other methods. The results are usually used together with other important data-points for a more complete understanding of a person.

We hope you find the test interesting and the feedback, based on your answers, useful!

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