Any questions about evali?

Are you applying for a job and have been asked to fill in an assessment form? Below, we’ll answer the most common questions about evali and other assessments that measure personality and general mental ability.

Do you have questions that concern technical support on evali? In that case, please contact the organization that has asked you to fill in the assessment.

It’s about finding a match

Forget everything about the tests that you did in school. The tests we are talking about aren’t about elimination. A personality test, or an assessment, is about understanding an individual on a deeper level. It’s also about understanding the difference between a number of candidates. Within a selection process, the purpose is to get a better view of how well your personality matches the profile of the job. In this case, an assessment can give you a better chance to catch a job if you have the right characteristics but lack “the right” cv.
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evali is based on a solid foundation of research

With evali, you don’t end up as a color, an animal, or a strange unreadable combination of letters. Our test builds upon solid and established research within organizational psychology. In other words, what we measure does have a connection to workplace performance. We base our assessment tool on the established Five-Factor Model but also include a sixth factor from the Hexaco Model.
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This is how we recommend our customers to use evali

Always use tests early in the recruitment process. That gives the hiring organization a possibility to find the most suitable candidates without discriminating. In addition, it gives the candidate a chance to prove themselves a match without having “the right cv”. Through using assessments early on in the process, the organization reduces the risk that the recruiter’s or the hiring manager’s bias impacts the process. The profile that the result is matched against should summarize the challenges of the role and nothing else.

You deserve to know how you are assessed

When you submit a test through evali, you are always allowed to take part of the same summarizing report as the recruiter. The report is a summary of the characteristics that you show through your everyday behaviors. Therefore we see no reasoning for you not to take part of it. In our result report, you can see how you are rated on the different scales and what it means.

Use evali – save time in your job seeking

If you submit an evali assessment once, you can re-use the data in other applications. Either through attaching the report itself in your application or by allowing the organization that you are applying to access your report through our portal (and by that confirm that the result is connected to you). No one should be forced to submit the same test five times a row in different processes. You as a candidate does also own your data. We encourage you to share it with others in development talks, for example in an introduction talk if you change manager at work.

Your friend can try evali – for free

Compare your report with a friend or colleague! Take the opportunity to explore how your strengths and challenges are related to each others. It’s free to create an account and take the evali assessment. Compare your results through screen sharing, or by forwarding the link.

You can take the evali assessment here

Do you have additional questions about evali?

Do you have any questions about evali assessment and the methodology that is not answered above? Just reach out to and we’ll do our best to help.

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