evali & integrations

Evali offers integrations with recruitment systems, applicant tracking systems, and HR systems (HRIS). We want you to work in a way that has the most positive impact on your process. Therefore, we encourage you to send out the test as early in the process as possible.

Work from the systems you visit on a daily basis

For you to be able to assess large amounts of candidates in a competitive, and efficient way, we offer integrations with our client’s most common systems. That makes it possible for you to send out evali assessments from the environment where you work on a daily basis. In other words, Evali does not only send assessments, you also get the results back in the candidate view as soon as the responses are received.

Since the talent journey lasts longer than through the hiring process, we also have integrations with HR-systems. To clarify, in that way the collected data can be used for onboarding and development purposes as well.

Do you want to be on the evali integrations list?

Check out the list below on our current partners. We are always open to a discussion about partnerships and how to increase the user value for our customers. Just reach out if you want to discuss a partnership regarding evali integrations.

Do you want us to integrate with your platform?

evali integrations


Teamtailor is the platform for hiring. It’s the new way to attract, nurture, and hire top talent. In Teamtailor you can for example build career pages, grow the candidate pool, and handle hiring processes.

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Ponty is the recruitment system for professionals within recruitment, executive search, or interim recruitment. Above all, the system facilitates the work that ultimately leads to quality recruitment. Ponty is a tool that includes both candidate management and custom CRM.

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Alexis HR

Alexis HR is a people operations and analytics platform, built by HR and for HR. Alexis support knowledge to free up time for strategic work through reducing time spent on administration, and certainly supplying insights.

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Recruitee is the collaborative hiring software that delivers the complete solution to help internal HR teams work with the rest of their organization to hire better together. More than 118k users from 4k+ companies are finding it easy to navigate through our intuitive UX to build custom pipelines, attract and source top talent, evaluate candidates, and hire future team members.

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