Five reasons to use evali

We want you to work with data-driven people management and we believe evali can help you with that. Here’s why.

  1. People processes should be fair

    No matter if it’s about assessment, succession planning or onboarding, we want it to be fair. Decisions should be free from bias and made to secure the best possible outcome. Through evali we give you a chance to make informed decisions and match people based on something more than gut feeling.

  2. It’s cheap (but don’t worry, we’re not)

    Honestly, we want it to be affordable. Because we want you to use it, and as much as possible. Assessments should be sent to all candidates, otherwise you’ll never be able to find the hidden gems that risk being overlooked. We don’t want cost to be the reason for you to hesitate about giving your manager that onboarding report on the new hire. They deserve the best start possible on their new collaboration.

  3. It’s friendly, both for candidate and users

    The days when you needed to ask your candidates to fill out the same form multiple times are over. evali assessment is submitted once by the candidate, but can be extracted an unlimited amount of times by employers (as long as the candidate consents, of course). The same data can then be used during the employee journey for team profiles or growth reports.

    And hey, did we say that it’s easily navigated and smooth to integrate?

  4. It’s not five of them anymore - we added another

    The five factor model is an established personality model, but there’s more than so to evali. Science shows that there is solid evidence for a sixth factor, measuring humility and behaviors predictive of integrity and prosocial behaviors. The best thing? It’s just what you need to secure successful leadership behaviors and to predict psychological safety in a team. Thanks to this addition, evali can help you find great leaders and assist you in putting together productive teams.

  5. It’s for real - not a new pair of invisible pants

    We’re here to help, not to sell you the emperor’s new clothes. evali is based on modern, evidence based and peer reviewed research. All modules in evali are here because established science tells us that’s how things work. We (and the whole field) know what aspects of personality that are important among successful leaders, and what factors that have an impact on team efficiency. It’s through those insights that evali will assist you in making informed decisions. evali is here to give you a true business impact through your people processes.

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